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ACT Science Assumption Questions

On the ACT Science Test, assumption questions will either ask you to apply a given set of information to a new situation or ask you to correctly identify the basis for a conclusion. What is an assumption? In an argument, an assumption is an underlying basis for a conclusion. It is something that needs to be true in order for a certain conclusion to be based on specific evidence. On the ACT Science Test, assumption ACT test questions will either ask you to apply a given set of information to a new situation or ask you to correctly identify the basis for a conclusion. Example: Let’s look at an example question! The velocity with which a small body A orbits a much more massive body B depends on the mass of body B and the distance between the two bodies: If body B is twice as massive, body A will orbit it at twice the velocity. In certain cases, however, the measured velocities of certain stars in a galaxy are greater than predicted based on their known mass.   This indicates that the galaxy must contain dark matter,† which is not visible. Figure 1 shows how dark the presence of dark matter alters the velocities of the stars in a hypothetical galaxy:   The lower no dark matter curve shows the theoretical velocities in a galaxy containing 100 million stars similar to the Sun in a sphere 5 kiloparsecs (kpc) in radius, and the upper dark matter curve shows the theoretical velocities if the stars are embedded in the center of a dark matter cloud that is much larger and much more massive than the visible galaxy. Study 1 Astronomers have measured the velocities of stars in the galaxy NGC 3198.   The results are shown in Figure 2.   The no dark matter model in Figure 1 would have predicted a decline in the velocities at distances greater than the 5 kpc radius of the galaxy, but instead they remain approximately constant. Study 2 Astronomers have measured the velocities of stars in 100 additional galaxies of approximately the same size (diameter and mass) as NGC 3198.   The velocities of the stars are approximately the same as in NGC 3198. Question 1:   Which of the following statements correctly describes a possible reason why many additional galaxies were examined in Study 2? To determine whether they showed the same evidence of dark matter as NGC 3198. To determine the theoretical relationship between velocity and distance from the center of the galaxy To confirm that the velocities of the stars in these galaxies also match the theoretical no dark matter predictions To determine whether the same velocity changes occur in much larger galaxies Explanation: We know this is an Assumption question because of the phrase â€Å"a possible reason.† Think back to the passage – what is a logical basis for the set-up of Study 2? Notice how Figure 1 shows that the curves for the no dark matter and dark matter cases differ greatly. This is evidence for the presence of dark matter in this particular galaxy, and a study of other galaxies with similar characteristics using the same technique could indicate whether dark matter is a typical feature of those galaxies. The answer is (A). Remember that an assumption always strengthens an argument or theory. On the ACT Science Test, the scientist may be stating a hypothesis based on data or evidence. The assumption is something that will reinforce the implicit ideas in the hypothesis, or reinforce the findings.

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Create and Customize Buttons With the DBNavigator

Ok, the DBNavigator does its job of navigating data and managing records. Unfortunately, my customers want more user-friendly experience, like custom button graphics and captions, ... This inquiry came from a Delphi developer searching for a way to enhance the power of the DBNavigator component.   The DBNavigator is a great component—it provides a VCR-like interface for navigating data and managing records in database applications. Record navigation is provided by the First, Next, Prior, and Last buttons. Record management is provided by the Edit, Post, Cancel, Delete, Insert, and Refresh buttons. In one component Delphi provides everything you need, to operate on your data. However, as the author of the e-mail inquiry also stated, the DBNavigator lacks some features like custom glyphs, button captions, and others. A More Powerful DBNavigator Many Delphi components have useful properties and methods that are marked invisible (protected) to a Delphi developer. Hopefully, to access such protected members of a component, a simple technique called the protected hack can be used. First, youll add a caption to every DBNavigator button, then youll add custom graphics, and finally, youll OnMouseUp-enable each button.   From the boring DBNavigator to either of: Standard graphics and custom captionsOnly captionsCustom graphics and custom captions Lets Rock n Roll The DBNavigator has a protected Buttons property. This member is an array of TNavButton, a descendant of TSpeedButton.   Since each button in this protected property inherits from TSpeedButton, if you get our hands on it, youll be able to work with standard TSpeedButton properties like: Caption (a string that identifies the control to the user), Glyph (the bitmap that appears on the button), Layout (determines where the image or text appears on the button)... From the DBCtrls unit (where DBNavigator is defined) you read that the protected Buttons property is declared as: Buttons: array[TNavigateBtn] of TNavButton; Where TNavButton inherits from TSpeedButton and TNavigateBtn is an enumeration, defined as : TNavigateBtn (nbFirst, nbPrior, nbNext, nbLast, nbInsert, nbDelete, nbEdit, nbPost, nbCancel, nbRefresh); Note that TNavigateBtn holds 10 values, each identifying different button on a TDBNavigator object. Now, lets see how to hack a DBNavigator: Enhanced DBNavigator​ First, set up a simple data editing Delphi form by placing at least a DBNavigator, a DBGrid, a DataSoure and a Dataset object of your choice (ADO, BDE, dbExpres, ...). Make sure all components are connected. Second, hack a DBNavigator by defining an inherited dummy class, above the Form declaration, like: type THackDBNavigator class(TDBNavigator); type TForm1 class(TForm) ... Next, to be able to display custom captions and graphics on each DBNavigator button, youll need to set up some glyphs. You can use the TImageList component and assign 10 pictures (.bmp or .ico), each representing an action of a particular button of a DBNavigator. Third, in the OnCreate event for the Form1, add a call like: procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); SetupHackedNavigator(DBNavigator1, ImageList1);end; Make sure you add the declaration of this procedure in the private part of the form declaration, like: type TForm1 class(TForm) ... privateprocedure SetupHackedNavigator(const Navigator : TDBNavigator; const Glyphs : TImageList); ... Fourth, add the SetupHackedNavigator procedure. The SetupHackedNavigator procedure adds custom graphics to each button and assigns a custom caption to each button. uses Buttons; //!!! dont forgetprocedure TForm1.SetupHackedNavigator (const Navigator : TDBNavigator; const Glyphs : TImageList);const Captions : array[TNavigateBtn] of string (Initial, Previous, Later, Final, Add, Erase, Correct, Send, Withdraw, Revive);(* Captions : array[TNavigateBtn] of string (First, Prior, Next, Last, Insert, Delete, Edit, Post, Cancel, Refresh); in Croatia (localized): Captions : array[TNavigateBtn] of string (Prvi, Prethodni, Slijedeci, Zadnji, Dodaj, Obrisi, Promjeni, Spremi, Odustani, Osvjezi);*)var btn : TNavigateBtn;beginfor btn : Low(TNavigateBtn) to High(TNavigateBtn) dowith THackDBNavigator(Navigator).Buttons[btn] dobegin//from the Captions const array Caption : Captions[btn]; //the number of images in the Glyph property NumGlyphs : 1; // Remove the old glyph. Glyph : nil; // Assign the custom one Glyphs.GetBitmap(Integer(btn),Glyph); // gylph above text Layout : blGlyphTop; // explained later OnMouseUp : HackNavMouseUp; end;end; (*SetupHackedNav igator*) Ok, lets explain. You iterate through all the buttons in the DBNavigator. Recall that each button is accessible from the protected Buttons array property—therefore the need for the THackDBNavigator class. Since the type of the Buttons array is TNavigateBtn, you go from the first (using the  Low  function) button to the last (using the  High  function) one. For each button, you simply remove the old glyph, assign the new one (from the Glyphs parameter), add the caption from the Captions array and mark the layout of the glyph. Note that you can control which buttons are displayed by a DBNavigator (not the hacked one) through its VisibleButtons property. Another property whose default value you may want to change is Hints—use it to supply Help Hints of your choosing for the individual navigator button. You can control the display of the Hints by editing the ShowHints property. Thats it. This is why youve picked Delphi! Gimme More! Why stop here? You know that when you click the nbNext button the datasets current position is advanced to the next record. What if you want to move, lets say, 5 records ahead if the user is holding the CTRL key while pressing the button? How about that?   The standard DBNavigator does not have the OnMouseUp event—the one that carries the Shift parameter of the TShiftState—enabling you to test for the state of the Alt, Ctrl, and Shift keys. The DBNavigator only provides the OnClick event for you to handle.   However, the THackDBNavigator can simply expose the OnMouseUp event and enable you to see the state of the control keys and even the position of the cursor above the particular button when clicked! Ctrl Click : 5 Rows Ahead To expose the OnMouseUp you simply assign your custom event handling procedure to the OnMouseUp event for the button of the hacked DBNavigator. This exactly is already done in the SetupHackedNavigator procedure:OnMouseUp : HackNavMouseUp; Now, the HackNavMouseUp procedure could look like: procedure TForm1.HackNavMouseUp (Sender:TObject; Button: TMouseButton; Shift: TShiftState; X, Y: Integer);const MoveBy : integer 5;beginif NOT (Sender is TNavButton) then Exit; case TNavButton(Sender).Index of nbPrior: if (ssCtrl in Shift) then TDBNavigator(TNavButton(Sender).Parent). DataSource.DataSet.MoveBy(-MoveBy); nbNext: if (ssCtrl in Shift) then TDBNavigator(TNavButton(Sender).Parent). DataSource.DataSet.MoveBy(MoveBy); end; end;(*HackNavMouseUp*) Note that you need to add the signature of the HackNavMouseUp procedure inside the private part of the form declaration (near the declaration of the SetupHackedNavigator procedure): type TForm1 class(TForm) ... privateprocedure SetupHackedNavigator(const Navigator : TDBNavigator; const Glyphs : TImageList); procedure HackNavMouseUp(Sender:TObject; Button: TMouseButton; Shift: TShiftState; X, Y: Integer); ... Ok, lets explain, one more time. The HackNavMouseUp procedure handles the OnMouseUp event for each DBNavigator button. If the user is holding the CTRL key while clicking the nbNext button, the current record for the linked dataset is moved MoveBy (defined as constant with the value of 5) records ahead. What? Overcomplicated? Yep. You do not need to mess with all this if you only need to check the state of the control keys when the button was clicked. Heres how to do the same in the ordinary OnClick event of the ordinary DBNavigator: procedure TForm1.DBNavigator1Click(Sender: TObject; Button: TNavigateBtn); function CtrlDown : Boolean; var State : TKeyboardState; begin GetKeyboardState(State); Result : ((State[vk_Control] And 128) 0); end;const MoveBy : integer 5;begincase Button of nbPrior: if CtrlDown then DBNavigator1.DataSource.DataSet.MoveBy(-MoveBy); nbNext: if CtrlDown then DBNavigator1.DataSource.DataSet.MoveBy(MoveBy); end; //caseend;(*DBNavigator2Click*) Thats All Folks And finally, the project is done.  Or you can keep going.  Heres a scenario/task/idea for you:   Lets say you want only one button to replace the nbFirst, nbPrevious, nbNext, and nbLast buttons. You can use the X, and Y parameters inside the HackNavMouseUp procedure to find the position of the cursor when the button was released. Now, to this one button (to rule them all) you can attach a picture that has 4 areas, each area is suppose to mimic one of the buttons you are replacing ... got the point?

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The Reasons Behind Polices Inability To Catch Jack The...

The Reasons Behind Polices Inability To Catch Jack The Ripper Jack The Ripper was never caught, and his identity remains a mystery to this day. The police were unable to catch Jack The Ripper and solve the mystery of the Whit Chapel murders because of several reasons. The first reason is the police themselves. In London, there were two police forces. The Metropolitan police and the City Of London police. The murders took place in both of the jurisdictions. The police forces each had separate investigations going on and they did not share evidence or information with each other. This hampered their investigations because a vital clue being held by one police force may have linked in with evidence†¦show more content†¦Vital clues that could have led to the capture of Jack The Ripper were overlooked. The CID, who were set up to investigate crimes like this, had only just been set up. They had very little experience of dealing with a serial killer, as this was the first one in the whole country. Because of this they did not know how to deal with the murders and how to catch Jack The Ripper and made mistakes that led to his escape. The police tried using undercover officers as bait. However, because there were no women on the force, men dressed up like women but this failed completely as the disguises were very poor. The police interviewed many witnesses over and over again. Many of these were hoaxes and the police wasted valuable time in doing this. The police also tried training bloodhounds in following the scent of Jack The Ripper, however this idea was soon abandoned as the dogs would not have been able to follow just one scent in an area that was full of different smells. The police also printed all the letters that were sent to them. This would have led to a widespread panic and would have made it harder to keep the murders undercover. They also took no heed to the warnings sent in the letters about the next victim, which led the killer being able to kill easily again. The note written on the wall was

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Essay on Abraham Lincoln a Great Leader - 878 Words

Abraham Lincoln was a man of humble beginnings who, though self-taught, rose to greatness through the many leadership qualities that he possessed. Quality traits that Lincoln possessed were honesty, integrity and a great devotion towards the rights of the people. It was probably through his impoverished upbringing that he formed such a bond with common folks. Lincoln was able to show the country that an ordinary person, with strong character and integrity, was capable of inspiring others to greatness. His ability to communicate through dynamic speeches was inspirational to a country so badly in need of someone to return the country to the unity that it had once had. His commitment to the rights of individuals was a cornerstone of his†¦show more content†¦Being able to listen to the opinions and then being able to make a decision is a key ingredient to being a great leader (Wadhwa, 2012). Another great leadership ability that Lincoln possessed was his ability to appoint the right people for the right jobs in his Cabinet. Even though they were some of the greatest minds of his time, some of his Cabinet members were also some of his biggest political adversaries. Through his great leadership, he was able to assemble this group and to pull them together to make it work. Lincoln also had the ability to make a mistake, learn from it and then move on, creating an environment of learning in his administration. Also, when the administration was successful, Lincoln was willing to share the credit with his administration, not taking all the credit for himself. This ability can be a great motivator, since it gives people a sense of accomplishment (Moreton, 2008). Lincoln’s ability to control his emotions was another great trait that he possessed. Even though Lincoln was known for treating those he worked with fairly, when he was driven to frustration or anger, he would of ten channel his emotions by writing what he referred to as â€Å"hot letters† to the person he was agitated with, but would keep it after writing it. When Lincoln did lose his temper, he would usually not hold a grudge against the individual (Moreton, 2008). The last leadershipShow MoreRelatedEssay on Abraham Lincoln, A Great Leader in American History781 Words   |  4 PagesStates of America, many great people have directed toward success. The American nation has been honored with many of the greatest people in history, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Madison. Abraham Lincoln is considered one of the most greatest president in US History. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12,1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky. He is known for his leadership and skills as president along with his pleasant personality. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th PresidentRead MoreThe Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln Essay944 Words   |  4 PagesAbraham Lincoln The President that was murdered because he forever freed the slaves in 1863 is how many people in today’s society remember the sixteenth president of the United States of America. President Abraham Lincoln leadership qualities and accomplishments go far beyond that life altering proclamation. American educator Dr. Stephen Covey states, â€Å"Always surround yourself with people who are even more talented and competent than you† This quote is relevant to the leadership skills and qualitiesRead MoreEssay on Abraham Lincoln - the Greatest President1069 Words   |  5 PagesAbraham Lincoln There have been forty four U.S. presidents over the past two hundred and twenty years. What president has served the best for our country? None other than Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln is the greatest president ever because he did great things such as ending slavery, getting the us through the Civil War, and helped our country a lot. The American Civil War was a war between the Southern states and the Confederate states. Abraham Lincoln was not very prepared for the war militarilyRead MoreComparing Barak Obamas Administration to Abraham Lincolns Essay741 Words   |  3 Pagesalot of presidents that has been in and out of the white house. Some of the presidents have done a great job in office some presidents didnt do so good in the white house. People in general have all sorts of different opinions on presidents some people may say one president was the best while another person may disagree. In my opinion out of all the presidents there is a man named Abraham Lincoln who i think was one of the greatest presidents of all time. One of are presidents in the presentRead MoreLeadership Skills And Qualities Of President Abraham Lincoln936 Words   |  4 PagesPresident Abraham Lincoln leadership qualities and accomplishments go far beyond that life altering proclamation. American educator Dr. Stephen Covey states, â€Å"Always surround yourself with people who are even more talented and competent than you† This quote is relevant to the leadership skills and qualities of President Abraham Lincoln because he was known for the quality of staff he appointed to serve alongside him as president.according to Historian Doris Goodwin President Abraham Lincoln appointedRead MoreLincoln Was A Successful Strategist1005 Words   |  5 PagesLincoln was a successful strategist because of his great leadership skills. He was a great leader because he was great at make decisions but took a long time to make decisions. An example of his long decision making is when the south succeeded from the Union and five days later the South attacked Fort Sumter. After a few long weeks Lincoln had a plan, he told South Carolina that he was going to send provisions to Fort Sumter. That he would send no troops, or ammunition unless South Carolina attackedRead MoreAbraham Lincoln And The Civil War Comparison Essay11 08 Words   |  5 Pages Abraham Lincoln, the great president of the United States, is one of the most influential men in the history of America. He is not only the commander-in-chief of the Union army that takes the victory from the Confederacy in the Civil War but also a leader who ends up the existence of slavery and a hero of the United States of America. On the other hand, Nathan Bedford Forrest is the lieutenant general of the Confederate army during the Civil War. He is a real genius and the great leadership ofRead MoreMore Than Just A Five Dollar Bill1429 Words   |  6 PagesStates in need of A president, some of the greatest leaders in the newly formed nation would have to stand up, and it started with the most famous, George Washington. He started the chain of the Presidency and is often refereed to as one of the best. But with this being said, many argue over the fact of who was our nations best leader. In my opinion the nations best leader is featured on our five dollar bill, Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln truly helped change the United States of America in someRead MoreLeadership Brief : Abraham Lincoln969 Words   |  4 PagesLeadership Brief: Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest presidential leaders. Throughout his lifetime, he has a wide range of different accomplishments that has affected thousands of people in various ways. President Lincoln held key traits and qualities that have led him to become an effective leader. Abraham knew what was best for his country that would produce the largest impact for the citizens. Literature Review Abraham bought books to study and teach himself when he wasRead MoreThe Year Long Period Of Social Unrest1747 Words   |  7 PagesAmerica and the leader of the Union during Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, an actor pursuing the revival of the confederacy and the total destruction of the Union. Abraham Lincoln was known to be a hard working, driven man which led him into politics and eventually presidency. Throughout his childhood, Lincoln had grown up in very rural areas and knew of nothing other than â€Å"frontier simplicity† therefore, he experienced little interaction with others (Lincoln World Biography

Gov Jane Hull Essay Example For Students

Gov Jane Hull Essay Jane Dee Hull was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on August 8, 1935. Governor Hull is married to Dr. Terry Hull. Dr. Hull practiced medicine in Pheonix for 32 wears and now works as a consultant. Governor Hull and Dr. Hull have four children and eight grandchildren. Governor Hull received a bachelors degree in elementary education from the University of Kansas and also did postgraduate work in political science and economics at Arizona State University. She is a graduate of the Josephson Ethics Institute. Governor Hull and her husband moved to Arizona in 1962. Dr. Hull served as a physician in public health service and the Governor taught school on the Navajo Nation until 1964. In 1979 Governor Hull was elected to the Arizona House of Representatives. She served from 1999 to 1992, and she was the first woman speaker of the house. In 1993, she ran a successful campaign for secretary of state, becoming the second woman to hold that office and the first Republican since 1931. Since her inducted into office, Hull lists education, healthcare, the economy and preserving the states natural beauty as her top priorities. Governor Hull is a strong supporter of Homeland Security measures to ensure the safety of the people of Arizona. During her term as governor, Hull has appointed a record amount of judicial appointments. Her Students FIRST school facilities funding program ensures equity for every student in Arizona, no matter where they live. Forty-four new schools were built and opened and another 120 new schools have been approved. An addition, $1 billion dollars will be set aside for upgrading current school buildings. In Hulls Education 2000 program, which will raise $459 million in new funds, provides higher teacher salaries and smaller classrooms in kindergarten through high school. Since the Governors acceptance into office, nearly 136,000 children of the working and lower class will now receive health coverage thanks to the Governors KidsCare program. I n behavioral health, funding for the seriously mentally ill has increased by 80 percent since the Governor took office, up from $102 million in fiscal year 1997 to $185 million in fiscal year 2001. The Governor also obtained approval to build a new Arizona State Hospital and the initial phases of construction have begun. Under Governor Hulls leadership and contract with Qwest Communications, Arizona is one of the first states to assure that all of Arizonas public schools will have access to the Internet. All the students in more than 1,200 schools in Arizona will have their own e-mail addresses and all teachers will be able to create their own web sites. Hull has worked extensively on trade issues with Mexican officials and other governors of Border States. She has been selected to chair the 2002 20th Anniversary Border Governors Conference. Governor Hull was selected to chair the Western Governors Association and will serve the WGA through August 2002. Governor Hull does not plan to run for governor in 2003. She will support party mate, Matt Salmon for the next election.

Business Investment in Interest Rate †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Business Investment in Interest Rate. Answer: Introduction Consumers confidence has already been undermined by the low level of government spending. The cut in government spending is a contractionary policy and thus not good for an economy like Australia that is struggling with the issue of low economic growth. The Australian RBAs cash rate has been lowered to a level that is too low; despite this reduction, the economic growth has been low. It is therefore not certain whether a further interest rate cut would have a significant positive impact on the economic growth. Generally, economists believe that low interest rate is a major promoter of economic growth. It promotes economic growth in that it encourages investors to invest more on businesses by discouraging them from saving. All the capital that the investors fail to save is invested. On the contrary, the impact of low interest rate on the Australian business investment has not been attractive. This paper will consider all the arguments posed by different economists and weigh the possib ility of business investment rising or remaining unchanged after a further drop in the cash rate. It will also determine how high level of business investment impacts the aggregate demand, the real GDP and Price level. The lower cash rate will definitely result in increased business investment if not accompanied by other economic issues. The discouraged investors will be attracted to invest by the low interest rate. Maguire (2017) noted that the acquisition of capital is dependent on the interest rate offered; businesses would find it to repay their loans when the rates are lower. According to Pettinger (2016), lower interest rate discourages savings since the returns gained from saving declines and thus consumers prefers spending over saving; part of this spending goes to investment. An interest rate of close to zero as is the case for Australia makes the interest income from savings to be close to zero; this may offset the positive effects of the reduction in interest rate because people such as savers who rely heavily on saving will have no income to make demand. However, this would make such savers to quit saving and withdraw their bank deposits and invest in risky investments such as stocks (M adura (2014). There is plenty of money supply in the economy whenever the interest rate is lower. This creates a need for the banks to lend more; they can only do this by in turn lowering their interest rate to make the loans more attractive such that the demand for the loan goes up (Duff, 2017). The low interest rate causes the loan borrowing costs to fall. Thus, Financing Manufacturing, operations and distribution of goods and services become cheaper. This in turn makes the price on goods and services to fall. Consumers therefore benefit from these low prices and their demand rises; a higher demand subsequently stimulates investment in that there is an expanded market for the produced goods. Households and investors take this chance to borrow loans to repay their debts; thus there is more funds available for investment. The initial interest rate level is r1 and the business investment at this interest rate level is BI1. A reduction in the interest rate from r1 to r2 results in the business investment rising from BI1 to BI2 (Madura, 2012). The lower cost of using capital increases the number of business opportunities that need to be funded. The argument here is that consumers and investors spending has already been discouraged; the discouragement has resulted from a reduction in money in the economy after the government reduced it spending. However, an expansionary monetary policy will have a similar impact to a high level of government spending. Thus a low interest rate will increase the money in the Australian economy and the consumer and investors confidence will be restored. Duff also noted that interest cycles are important for businesses. They time when the interest rate are lower to expand their businesses. Business expansion results in more people being employed and higher wages are offered, this stimulates the economys demand. Their increased spending will stimulate business investment. The low interest rate will also lead to a decline in the Australian exchange rate which will make its export more competitive and thus a need to increase production. Consumers will take the advantage of the low rate to invest in assets that would increase their wealth. According to Bagus (2015), lower interest rate makes some projects to be profitable that would otherwise have been unprofitable. The Impact of a Rise in Business Investment on the Aggregate Demand Assuming that the reduction in interest rate has succeeded in raising the business investment, it is expected that this will subsequently influence the aggregate demand. An increase in business investment causes the aggregate demand to rise; this is because business investment is one of the components of the aggregate demand. The other components include; consumption, government spending and the net export. The equation for the aggregate demand is given by;where (X M) is the net export (Mankiw, 2016). Any addition of the right hand side components is reflected on the left hand side component. The increase in aggregate demand causes a right ward shift of the Aggregate demand curve (Sexton, 2015). To show the changes in the aggregate demand, a graph of the general price level against the real GDP is plotted as follows; LRAS is the long run aggregate supply curve whereas SRAS is the short run aggregate supply curve. The graph above shows the impact of a rise in business investment from a reduction in interest rate. The impacts rendered above is on three components; one is the demand curve, second is the real GDP, and finally is the price level. The analysis starts from an initial equilibrium level of aggregate demand and Supply. The aggregate demand curves are downward sloping, SRAS upward sloping and the LRAS is vertical. The vertical supply curve represents the maximum production level of the economy. The equilibrium level to start with is point E1 where the price level is P1, the real GDP level is Y1, the Aggregate demand curve is AD1 and the supply curve is SRAS. Increase investment shifts the AD1 curve to AD2. This rightward shift forms a new equilibrium E2. The new equilibrium E2 is at a higher level and is characterized by a higher real GDP level Y2 and a higher price level P2 (Khanacademy.or g, 2017). Thus, a lower interest rate will help in the recovery of the Australian economy. Conclusion It is not effective for the government to lower its spending when its economy is not performing well. The best time to consider lowering the spending is when the economy has picked and the aggregate demand is higher. The government should choose its policies wisely to avoid hurting the economy. Lower interest rate in Australia may will stimulate the business investment but not that much. Any increase in the business investment no matter how small will add to the aggregate demand and the real GDP will rise causing a rise in price. Bibliography Bagus, P. (2015). In defense of deflation. Cham: Springer. Duff, V. (2017). How Do Interest Rates Affect Businesses? [Online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Oct. 2017]. Gwartney, D., Stroup, R., Sobel, S., Macpherson, A. (2016). Macroeconomics: private and public choice. Boston, Massachusetts: Cengage Learning. (2017). Shifts in aggregate demand. [Online] Khan Academy. Available at: [Accessed 12 Oct. 2017]. Madura, J. (2012). International financial management. Mason, OH, South-Western: Cengage Learning. Madura, J. (2014). Financial Markets and Institutions. 11th ed. Cengage Learning. Maguire, A. (2017). How Interest Rates Affect Your Small Business. [Online] QuickBooks. Available at: [Accessed 12 Oct. 2017]. Mankiw, G. (2016). Brief principles of macroeconomics. Boston MA: Cengage learning. Pettinger, T. (2016). Effect of lower interest rates. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Oct. 2017]. Sexton, R. (2015). Exploring Economics. 7th ed. Australia: Cengage Learning.

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Technological impact of the Samsung NC215S Netbook

Introduction Samsung electronics launched the Samsung NC215S Netbook in various places around the world in the past recent months. While many netbooks and laptops have been launched with great technological features, the thing that sets this Netbook apart from others is that its lid carries a solar panel on the top that allows the Netbook to charge from the power of the sun. The netbooks come with standard features found in other similar products and has received very good reception around the world especially in places like Africa where electricity is limited. This paper is a discussion of the technological impact of the Samsung NC215S Netbook on customers.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Technological impact of the Samsung NC215S Netbook specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Launch of the Samsung NC215S Netbook Samsung NC215S Netbook Initially, Samsung had announced they would launch the product in June of 2011. Before that, they advertised the Netbook as a revolutionary product, which would bring access to computers and the internet to millions of people living without electricity. Early advertising and delay in unveiling of products creates a good platform for launching them as they are eagerly awaited by excited customers (Regan and O’Connor, 2002). When it was finally launched in August 2011, the reception was very good and sales are reported to be climbing fast. Samsung focused on key African Cities where many people are not connected to electricity. The selling point was the obvious hassle free computer and internet use from anywhere be it in the office, home or in the bush (Mutua, 2011). In addition, the product is available across the world in India, Russia, the USA and many other places. Clearly, added value of the product comes from the flexibility it allows its users and the ability to use a computer where there is no electricity. This is a boon for not only people w ho do not have access to electricity but also those professionals and business people who spend a lot of time in the field where they need to use their computers and smart phones. In addition to that, as the world’s consciousness moves towards sustainable strategies of living to combat climate change, the product appeals to many who subscribe to environmental ideals because solar energy is sustainable. With a fully charged battery lasting 14 hours and a two-hour charge lasting an hour, clearly the product is technologically a revolutionary one. For many customers, the appeal of solar charging was great but there were many questions about the performance of the Netbook itself. Fitted with a 1.66Ghz dual core atom N570 processor, WI-FI, Bluetooth, 10.1 inch display 250 GB hard drive and 1GB of RAM, the machine not only mobility and flexibility but also superior performance. For those worried whether it can be used out in the open, the display is super bright and anti reflective meaning, it can be used in whatever conditions brightly and clearly without straining (Samsung, 2011). Samsung, already a leader in electronics and digital media has clearly set itself apart from other companies. It improves its ratings in the crowded field of computers and digital media where a slight positive difference could make all the difference.Advertising Looking for research paper on computer science? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion Quite evidently, the Samsung NC215S Netbook has had a great impact on customers on the technological front. Being the first Netbook to operate fully on solar power, it comes as a reprieve to millions of eager computer users who are limited by their inability to access electricity. It offers mobility and top performance for busy people working out of office and has clearly set apart Samsung from other companies due to its unique features and all round performance. References Mut ua W. (2011). Devices for Africa: Samsung solar netbook video review. Web. Samsung Electronics. (2011). Samsung launches the world’s first Solar Powered 10† Netbook. Web. Regan, Elizabeth A. O’Connor, Bridget N. (2002). End-user information systems: Implementing Individual and work group technologies, (2nd Edn.). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc. This research paper on Technological impact of the Samsung NC215S Netbook was written and submitted by user Samson Barton to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.